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Learning activities for children of all ages

We have made it easy and FUN for you to get the children in your life involved in environmental sustainability activities at school, at home or in your community.

  • 30-minute activities with curriculum and framework links
  • Professionally developed* based upon Jean Piaget learning and engagement approach, written by environmental educators and approached collaboratively (AAEE, PIEFA)
  • Step-by-step instructions with background information
  • Videos that explain why the learning activity is important before students get started
  • Educator notes and activity sheets
  • Extension activities and reference lists for further information
  • Did you know? section with useful tips
  • Share your experiences with the online Junior Landcare community.
Image Description: Two children interacting with tablet, sitting on stairs outdoors.

The learning activities help to build knowledge and deeper connections to…

Image Description: Four glass bowls with assorted seeds, beans and nuts inside.

Food Production

Image Description: Bushland view from up high over a valley with many tall eucalypt trees.

First Nations Perspectives

Learning about Yarning circles; Indigenous seasons; Traditional land management and Cultural heritage.

Image Description: Group of school children stand around a compost box container with food scraps inside.

Waste Management

Just for Kids

The Just for Kids activities have been developed to help children at home and at school explore Junior Landcare and create their own ideas.

The activity sheets are based on the activities in the Junior Landcare Learning Centre, and focus on four key areas: food production, biodiversity, waste management and First Nations perspectives.