When Nature Helps Learning Come to Life!
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Geology studies were brought to life for forty-six children from Grades 3 and 4 at Yarragon Primary School in Victoria when they enjoyed a fantastic science excursion to Mount Worth State Park. Led by nine volunteers from local community groups who work in the area – Mt Worth & District Landcare and Friends of Mt Worth Park – the excursion helped students learn about rocks and soil in the western Strzelecki Ranges.

The students explored the types of mudstone and sandstone rocks that are found in the Strzelecki Hills.  They learnt about how different soils absorb water at different rates, which has implications for soil erosion and landslips that are prevalent in the Strzeleckis. The children also walked through a section of remnant Mountain Ash forest with tall tree ferns.  They observed all the leaf litter and how it protects the soil, helping it retain moisture.

We all know that playing and learning outdoors plays a huge role in a child’s development and wellbeing. This is just one reason why Junior Landcare projects are so great to be involved in. Outdoor classrooms are living and breathing, providing an excellent framework for learning about the natural environment, biodiversity, and healthy ecosystems. Projects can also be integrated into topics within the school curriculum, offering new and exciting ways of teaching and learning. These are just some of the benefits of encouraging children to spend more time outdoors.

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