Holbrook event is a showcase for diversity
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Connecting young people with the fauna and flora in their region is the focus of an upcoming junior Landcare event.

The Holbrook event will be held at the Fiveways Reserve on 4 May from 5.30pm. Fiveways TSR is 12 kilometers west of Henty on the corner of Henty-Pleasant Hills Road and Munyabla Cemetery Road.

Native plants and animals in this area, like the adorable squirrel glider, will be explained and if children and adults understand a little better about an animal or special plant found in their neighborhood, they’re more likely to want to look after it”, said Owen Dunlop of Petaurus Education Group.

“If children and adults understand a little better about an animal or special plant found in their neighbourhood, they’re more likely to want to look after it.” – Owen Dunlop

Local Landcare co-coordinator for Albury/Hume, Holbrook, and Upper Murray Paula Sheehan said earlier during the day students from local schools would take part in games and activities that focus on the native plants and animals found in Box Gum Woodlands.

She said Henty Public School, Pleasant Hills Public School, and St Paul’s Lutheran Primary School would attend the event.

The Creative Catchment Kids team from Petaurus Education Group Inc will include Indigenous artist David Dunn, Squirrel Glider LAMP project manager Lou Bull and biodiversity officer Kathie Le Busque,” she said.

Education about the Travelling Stock Routes and Reserves (TSR) will also feature.

These reserves comprise a network of publicly owned land and linear routes that were set aside more than 100 years ago in NSW to allow landholders to move their livestock from their grazing properties to markets.

“Since trucking of livestock is now the norm, rather than droving, the use of TSRs has gradually changed to more occasional grazing managed by Local Land Services,” Ms. Sheehan said.

“Inadvertently they have also become important pockets of native grassland and woodland across the region, and act as refugees for our local animals and birds,” she said.

Henty Lions club will provide the catering the event hosted by Eastern Riverina Landcare and local landowners.

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