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Who wouldn’t want to dare their family to a challenge that would put them ‘on the edge’? Perhaps seeing them cook dinner each night for a month, wearing a tiger onesie everywhere for a week, or not talking for a day?

Now there is a way you can legitimately challenge your kids, parents, friends or teachers to do something outrageous and at the same time save wildlife on the edge of extinction.

Oh, and did we mention that half the funds raised will go to your school and the other half to wildlife project with Landcare Australia? Everyone wins.

Landcare Australia is partnering with Edge Pledge to make the fun happen.

Edge Pledge is a challenge-based online app, which helps anyone become an Extinction Fighter by putting themselves ‘on the edge’ for wildlife that are on the edge of extinction.

The app’s world-first challenge generator takes users out of their comfort zone by finding three unique challenges which inspire them to do something out of the ordinary. It’s then up to family and friends to vote, by pledging a donation, for the one challenge they most want to see the participant do.

After a few weeks of voting, the Extinction Fighter then completes the winning challenge, documenting their experience with video or photos, and posting them on their social media to show those who pledged money how they were put ‘on the edge’.

Isaac is the ‘Edge Pledge 50/50 ambassador’.

He is a wildlife warrior and we believe he is going to be the face of wildlife conservation in Australia in the next 10 years.

“Kids all over Australia can now have a stack of fun, help save wildlife and raise money for their school,” Isaac said.

Funds raised can go to helping build a new play gym at your school, a veggie patch, or whatever you need.

Australia has lost 30 mammals to extinction since European settlement, and more than 1,700 native Australian animals and plants are officially on the brink of extinction. Prominent Ecologist, Hugh Possingham, of the University of Queensland estimates it will cost at least $1 billion a year to get the balance right for wildlife and environments in Australia.

Edge Pledge is the brainchild of Sam Marwood, an environmental scientist with over a decade’s experience in policy, planning, and managing Victoria’s natural environment. After years of observing that funding for essential environmental solutions is insufficient, Sam and a handful of his long-time mates invented Edge Pledge.

Please get in touch with the Edge Pledge team if you’d like to find out more:

Sam Marwood, Managing Director,,


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