Celebrate Nature Play Week
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Creating simple play opportunities in the natural environment is the basis of nature play. This concept goes hand-in-hand with what Junior Landcare is all about: enabling and encouraging children to care for their environment through outdoor learning.

In the past decade, the benefits for children of connecting to nature have been well documented. Research shows that children’s social, psychological, academic and physical health is positively impacted when they have daily contact with nature.

Activity Ideas for Nature Play Week (11-22 April)

Nature Play Week celebrates initiatives of all shapes and sizes that reconnect kids with nature and the outdoors. Your Landcare group might be interested in celebrating the Week with an activity.

Your idea does not have to be big or complicated. It might be an activity that your group already does regularly.

A few Nature Play Activities suggested by Nature Play WA include:

 Take a shovel full of soil from your garden and examine it. How many worms can you find? Discover what other insects you see. Discuss why are they important?

 Since April is in autumn for cooler climates, see how many different colours of leaves you can collect or identify.

 Plant bulbs, seeds or trees

 Seasons search: Go out and find 10 things that you will only see during autumn.

For more information on Nature Play Week or if you want to register your event for the Week, visit

If you take photos at your event and are happy to have us share them with the wider Junior Landcare community, send them to us at with a brief story.


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