Top tips for taking a winning wildlife snap
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Jayden Gunn is a freelance photographer and passionate conservationist who specialises in Australian birdlife and vertebrate pest animal management. He spends a lot of time out in nature, often in remote areas studying some really exciting bird species that most people don’t get to see.

“I took up photography to be able to share these incredible birds and their environments with people,” shares Jayden. “I figured if I can show them how wonderful they are; if I can use my photographs to educate others and tell stories about the species pictured, then maybe the world might just appreciate them a little more and want to protect them.”

Jayden’s favourite thing to photograph is the glossy black cockatoo. “I’m obsessed with them. They are so different from other black cockatoo species; they’re secretive and often very quiet so it makes them difficult to find and photograph,” he says.

“They’re also a difficult subject to photograph because of their black colouration so it makes getting a good image of these birds all the more exciting.”

So what are Jayden’s top three tips for taking a great picture of flora and fauna?

Tip 1

When photographing wildlife you have to be patient and quiet! Most animals are very afraid of people so you have to sit and wait to get a good shot.

Tip 2

If you want to photograph a particular animal or plant species make sure you research it before you go in search for it – the more you understand a plant or animal species, the easier they are to find and photograph.

Tip 3

Don’t be afraid to get dirty! Lay down in the mud to get the right angle of a flower, lay down in shallow water to photograph a bird wading on the shore line, hide in a bush to stake out a visiting bird – the world’s best nature photographers go to great lengths to capture incredible images!

The ‘What’s in your backyard?’ campaign opens on 6 September, as part of National Biodiversity Month, and closes on 31 October, so grab a camera, get outside, and snap photos of the flora and fauna in your backyard to share with Costa and Junior Landcare. Find out more.