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International Bat Appreciation Day

14 April 2023

Creating a wildlife habitat: vision Learning Activity

Urban and rural environments can provide habitats for native wildlife to ensure their ongoing survival. Creating a wildlife habitat is one way to safeguard your local native species and encourage new species to make the garden their home.

The research activity enabled our learners to discover what species live in their local area. In the vision activity, learners will discover what these species need to survive.

This learning activity is the second part of a sequence of 5 individual learning activities focused on creating a wildlife habitat. The order of these learning activities are: research, vision, designplanting and monitoring and care.

We encourage our Junior Landcarers to learn more about wildlife habitats by exploring these other learning activities. These include the Creating a frog-friendly habitat sequence: researchdesign and construction, Creating a bee hotel sequence: research and construction as well as Building a nest box.

To see the learning activity, click here!