Creating your own potato chips: marketing

Time Allocation: 30 – 40 minutes

Activity Level: Easy


Growing food for your own table is very satisfying. In this activity sequence, we are taking the concept of growing food one step further, to promote the produce that the young learners have created.

In the first and second parts of this activity, children grew potatoes and turned their produce into hot chips. In this final sequence, the young learners will consolidate their understanding of food production by creating an advertisement about their chips.


  • Printable activity sheets
  • Completed activity sheets from the first and second part of this activity sequence
  • Pencils and paper
  • Device for recording and editing devices, such as a tablet/iPad/etc.
  • Photographs taken from the growing and cooking activities
  • Video editing apps or software installed on the devices
  • Hats, sunscreen and insect repellent
  • First aid kit and allergy plans
  • Potato plants growing in the garden (optional)
  • Potatoes for use as props (optional)
  • Eating utensils for use as props (optional)
  • Instructions

    Step 1

    Recap the first and second parts of this activity sequence, when the children grew and prepared their potato chips.

    Tell the children that today, they will imagine that they have started their own potato chip company.  They will become the writer, actor and director of a TV commercial to advertise their potato chips. 

    The commercial should include key messages about the care and dedication needed to grow that potatoes, as well as the experience of enjoying the finished product.

    Step 2

    Introduce the activity sheet.

    Suggest that the process of growing the potatoes could be a unique selling point. 

    As a whole group, identify the important parts of the process that will be promoted and create a shared list of these.

    Use the activity sheet to plan the commercial on the storyboard template.

    Remind the children to focus on both growing the food, as well as enjoying the finished product.

    Step 3

    In pairs or small groups, use your devices to record the advertisements.

    Add the images taken during the first and second parts of the activity sequence to help illustrate the story of creating the finished product.

    Use digital editing software or apps to create a 30-60 second advertisement for the chips.

    Step 4

    Share your advertisements with your community through avenues such as online newsletters or social media posts.

    Extension Activity

    Use the recording devices to create a guide about how to grow potatoes.

    Ask the children to keep a record or a diary of every food advertisement they see on TV over the course of a week.  As a group, compile the results and discuss whether the advertisements were for natural, unprocessed foods, junk foods or fast food providers.  Discuss what this might mean for the health of consumers.