Stop Soil Erosion, Save our Future
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Soil is a essential component of land resources, agriculture and ecological sustainability. A highly valuable natural resource that is the base source for food, feed, fuel and fibre production and critical ecosystem services.

Soil erosion is the removal of the most fertile top layer of soil from the land surface by water, wind and tillage.  It can take up to 1,000 years to produce just 2-3 cm of soil, so it is valuable to recognise its productive capacities, important contribution to food security and the maintenance of key ecosystem services.

World Soil Day on December 5  this year focuses on Stop Soil Erosion, Save our Future.

Junior Landcarers can help save our soil by planting a local species to help protect the soil and prevent soil erosion.

What conversations can you spark around the importance of conserving soil and preventing its loss? Discuss ideas to help support our food security and help save our future.