10 mini eco-warriors saving critically endangered flower
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Mini eco-warriors from the rural community of Megalong will represent NSW on a national stage after landing the Woolworths Junior Landcare Team Award at the 2019 NSW Landcare Awards.

Alarmed by the critically endangered status of the Megalong Valley bottlebrush, a flower only found within a 10 kilometre range of their school, the students at Megalong Valley Public School have taken it upon themselves to protect the native species.

The flower is at high risk of extinction as a result of land clearing and climate change.

But by procuring seeds from private lands across the Megalong Valley and growing them at the school, the kids and their teachers share the story with the broader community to help spread the word of the importance of this special species.

Not only that, the kids have creating a short film on the project and the significance of the species.

Which is pretty impressive for a school with just 10 students.

‘The students sew, and grew these highly threatened species on school property, sharing with the local community to increase individual numbers within the valley,’ explained Stephanie Scott, Megalong Valley Public School.

‘This enabled private land holders together with the school to act as stewards and ambassadors for this threatened species, securing its future.’

The mini eco-warriors will go on to represent NSW while competing for the Woolworths Junior Landcare Team title at the National Landcare Awards in 2020.

Proud sponsors Woolworths commended the school and their students on their outstanding accomplishments.

‘Megalong Valley Public School students are very deserving of this recognition, and their dedication to protecting natural assets is an inspiration to us all’ said Chelsea Moffat, Woolworths State Support.

‘Woolworths works closely with Landcare Australia to inspire the next generation of environmental champions, and it’s wonderful to see the environmental warriors of Megalong Valley Public School and all other award nominees, living the Junior Landcare spirit. ‘