Caring for your garden space over the summer
Category: Newsletter

Now that summer is here and the holidays are on the horizon – have you thought of a plan for looking after your plants during the holiday break?

Preparation and planning to care for your plants during this long break will help your plants survive the heat and last through until next year on your return.

Here are some ideas to help:

  • Schedule a rotating roster of helpers to help share the task
  • Check your water restrictions as you may be limited on what watering equipment you can use
  • It is best to water in the morning or late afternoon to minimize water loss
  • Leave the watering equipment in one place with specific instructions on what to needs watering most and if possible group your thirsty plants in one place
  • Encourage your watering team to make notes as this will help others as they visit
  • Water plants at the roots and soak them well, so your watering schedules can be reduced
  • Apply an extra layer of mulch to help conserve moisture loss

Enjoy your break and come back to a healthy plants in the new year.