The Frog Habitat Haven Project: Enhancing Biodiversity, Sustainability and an Appreciation for Maths!
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Blue Mountains Grammar School’s fantastic Frog Habitat Haven project has not only created a conducive environment for frogs, it has helped foster a balanced ecological system within the school – and provide students a hands-on way to learn about Maths!

“By creating a suitable habitat for frogs, we’ve not only provided a safe haven for these amphibians, but also established a balanced ecological cycle,” explains class teacher Luke Carr, who spearheaded the project at the NSW school using their Woolworths Junior Landcare Grant.

“Frogs play a vital role in controlling insect populations, thereby reducing the need for chemical pesticides. This has led to healthier plants and a more diverse range of insects, promoting a healthier overall ecosystem. Moreover, the presence of frogs attracts other wildlife, such as birds and small mammals, creating a thriving food web.”

Through this initiative, the school has also fostered an increased awareness of environmental conservation among students, encouraging them to take active roles in preserving local biodiversity.

“This habitat serves as an educational tool, inspiring students to appreciate and understand the intricate connections within nature, ultimately contributing to the sustainability and resilience of our school and its surrounding environment,” shares Luke.

In addition to its environmental outcomes, a significant aspect of this project was its incorporation of various mathematical concepts.

“Students collected data about local frog species and utilised their mathematical knowledge to plan, design, and construct the frog habitat. This practical application of academic skills extended to project planning and budgeting, enriching their understanding of real-world problem-solving,” says Luke.

Students involved in the project particularly valued its real-world relevance, with Xavier noting: “I appreciated the practical application of mathematics in this project.” Student Clare found significance in combining math with real-world challenges, particularly in calculating running costs; whilst Alex and Sebastian highlighted the satisfaction derived from applying mathematical concepts to construct the frog habitat.

And the school and students’ efforts paid off – with the project placing first for NSW in the Mathematics Associations ‘Investigating with Mathematics’ competition.

For schools and educators wanting to initiate similar projects, Luke advises that “integration into the curriculum is key.”

He adds that safety precautions should be rigorously followed, and active involvement of the school and parent community is crucial. “Utilising resources such as Dr. Jodi Rowley’s FrogID app and Landcare’s educational materials can greatly enhance the learning experience.”

“This project exemplifies our commitment to fostering a generation that values and safeguards our planet’s biodiversity, paving the way for a more sustainable future.”

Did you know: The lack of suitable habitat is a real threat to frogs across Australia. With some research and careful preparation, you can take action and create a frog-friendly habitat on your property, at school or at your local community garden. Explore the sequence of 3 individual learning activities focused on creating a frog-friendly habitat in the Junior Landcare Learning Centre here.


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