Goolwa’s 14-year-old force of nature
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Fourteen-year-old Django Westmoreland from Goolwa, South Australia, loves the natural world, especially birds and their environments. As a member of his Youth Environment Council, Django set about creating and restoring habitat for Fleurieu bird species. In addition to putting up nesting boxes, he has planted an incredible 800 Indigenous plants in his local environment. We caught up with this inspiring Junior Landcarer for tips on how others can take action and what inspired his love for the environment to begin with. 

What inspired you to join your Youth Environment Council?
I want to be involved in protecting habitats, to make sure our local species have a sustainable future; I also like to meet new people and the Youth Environment Council was a great opportunity to meet kids my age who care about acting for the environment as well.

What steps do you take to look after your local environment?
Because I love birds, I try to inspire people to learn about how to make a change for the environment with examples of what I have learnt. I protect remnant vegetation by working to rehabilitate patches where I live. Through weed control, putting up nesting hollows, revegetation and a lot of ‘Landcare’. This helps to create and restore habitat for the local birds which provide shelter, a food source and a resilient ecosystem.

What sparked your interest in birds and wildlife?
I’ve always felt most comfortable in nature; I love being on the water, seeing animals and plants. Also, my family have always encouraged my desire to be in nature – especially my mum because we are always out on an adventure exploring birds and plants and where to find them.

What do you wish other young people out there knew about acting for the planet?
If we don’t keep taking action towards protecting the planet, we risk losing our precious ecosystems and animals that live in them. I wish people knew that everyone could do something that makes a difference – planting an Indigenous tree or a shrub which can make a habitat for an animal. It’s an easy way to feel great and see the change you have made by doing something positive for the environment.

Do you know a young person or group making a change for the environment? Email and let us know what actions they’re taking so we can feature them on our website and in the Junior Landcare newsletter!