Creating meaningful outdoor educational experiences webinar
Category: News

Our first Junior Landcare webinar was enthusiastically well attended and it was wonderful to be able to come together and share the features of the Junior Landcare Learning Centre. It was also valuable to be able to share insights into what makes a meaningful outdoor educational experience and look more deeply at some of our current learning activities. Thank you to those who contributed their ideas at and after the webinar. We hope to run some more webinars to build our Junior Landcare Community this year- we will keep you informed. You can view the webinar here.

We also spoke about the challenges of educating outdoors in these times of COVID-19. With the constant changing dynamics of how and where children are being educated I think it is good to reflect on some of the positives at this time. For many of us being able to have a little more time to connect with the outdoors helps build a deeper connection and appreciation of nature.

As children return to their places of daily learning – including regular outdoor experiences will help regulate their emotional and mental health. It will also support them to feel connected to place and empower them to take action in their own backyards, schools and communities.

Let us know how you are going implementing any of our Junior Landcare Learning or Just for Kids activities in your setting, we would love to hear. You can share your stories here.


Yours in Junior Landcare,

Mary Bell
Junior Landcare Education Program Manager