Landcare Badge

Scouts Australia and Landcare Australia

Scouts and Landcare Australia have a strong and long-running partnership, based on the common values of leadership, community and environmental sustainability.

Scouts are involved in landcare activities across Australia in both urban and rural communities. Scouts volunteer at environments events throughout the year to achieve their Landcare badge, including being members of their local landcare group. 

For more information about Scouting, please visit the Scouts Australia website here.

Scouts Australia Landcare Badge requirements

To be eligible for a Landcare Badge, Scouts must get involved in the following:

Participate in Events

Volunteer at any three nationally accredited environmental events, either supported or run by Landcare Australia. Events include Landcare Week, Coastcare Week, Planet Ark’s Tree Day, Keep Australia Beautiful Week, Clean Up Australia Day and BirdLife Australia’s Aussie Backyard Bird Count.

Participate in Activities

Get involved in appropriate locally run community environmental activities, including those run by local councils, landcare groups and other community environment groups.

Other Requirements

Spend over 10 hours participating in the above events over a 12month period. As well as share their landcare activity success with their local Scouts branch.

Scouts who are already members of a Landcare group only need to provide evidence they are regular volunteers or their membership to be awarded a Landcare badge.