Using the Junior Landcare Learning Activities

Junior Landcare Learning Activity Features

Did you know?

The facts in each learning activity help stimulate discussion before beginning the activity or to conduct further research after completion of the activity.

School Curriculum & Framework

Educational resources are aligned with school curriculum for all age groups. It’s easy to bring landcare into the classroom.

Activity sheets

The activity sheets have been created to support the learning activity. The step by step instructions refers to using the activity sheets, helping review the main concepts, reflect on thinking and capture children’s ideas.

Extension activities

The extension activities are designed to build on your experience and help take your Junior Landcare adventures further. Consider how you can build these into your follow up activities to engage children who need something extra to do.


Many of the activities have a specially made video to help engage children further with the topic. Designed as educational tools, some our videos provide more detailed instruction whilst others help to stimulate inquiry and discussion.


Each of our learning activities includes an authentic story showcasing our Junior Landcare characters to help build formative memories. Meet Suyin, our biodiversity champion, Amir our waste management warrior, Beth the food production ambassador and Jarrah, Junior Landcare’s Indigenous perspectives leader.

Reference list

The reference list provides background information to each topic. This can be suggested books to read, online resources or videos to watch.

Educator Notes

The Junior Landcare Learning Centre educator notes provide more detailed information about the learning activities. Download the educator notes if you would like background information about the concepts we cover or need more information about safety and preparation.

Just for kids

Led by our Junior Landcare characters – Suyin, Amir, Beth and Jarrah – we have used engaging graphics to create printable sheets that link to the learning activities. These activities provide a fun challenge for independent learning in any setting, during wet weather or for some enjoyable time at home.