Outside Classroom Project a Flourishing Success

Age Groups: 7-13

Grant Name: 2022 Lendlease Junior Landcare Grants

School: St James’ Anglican School

Grant Sponsor:

Project Overview:

Thanks to their 2022 Lendlease Junior Landcare Grant, St James’ Anglican School’s ‘Outdoor Classroom Project’ saw 120 students plant over 100 plants, including a bush tucker garden.

Working together with the Tucker Bush Company, the students learned how to improve soil and plant survival.

The garden will also help to make the school more sustainable by using its produce for cooking classes and composting waste that can go back onto the land. 

Educational Outcomes

The bush tucker garden required the students to research native plants and work out how best to use them in future food projects.

The students also learnt about the six local First Nations seasons and dreamtime stories. They used this knowledge to create an interpretive walk that has signs with QR codes that other students can now use to learn about the Noongar culture in the area.

Environmental Outcomes

The project deepened students’ understanding of soil, plant growth conditions, and - thanks to all the students' planting and mulching - has even encouraged bugs and minibeasts back into the area.


A highlight of the project for students was getting their hands dirty, preparing the soil and then planting their new bush tucker plants.

The project is having long-term benefits too! For example, behavioural changes have been observed, with children seemingly more relaxed at play time as they have a bigger area to explore and finding creative ways to use their new garden area.

Learning Activity

Through planning for and creating an Indigenous plant-use garden, you can develop a connection with First Nations perspectives and other environmental outcomes. Planning can also assist you in applying for relevant Junior Landcare Grants to support the development of your garden. Use the Creating an Indigenous Plant-Use Garden’ learning activity to explore exciting ideas, create goals and understand more about successful Indigenous plant-use garden projects.