Gagebrook microbat habitat

Age Groups: 7-13

Grant Name:

School: Gagebrook Primary School

Grant Sponsor: Woolworths

Project Overview: 

Gagebrook Primary School, located on the outskirts of rural Hobart, wanted to mitigate the loss of natural Microbat habitat. These tiny mammals are losing their homes due to tree removal associated with urbanisation.

Using a Junior Landcare Woolworths Grant, students at Gagebrook built and installed nesting boxes to encourage Microbats to roost and breed in the area. 

This was a whole of school project, which created a common sense of purpose, and enhanced peer and community relationships.

Environmental and Educational Outcomes 

Providing Microbat habitat has created additional opportunities for the species to roost and breed. 

The 120 students involved in the Microbat Habitat project gained a sense of joined learning and achievement. They have also discovered a sense of connection to the environment and the wider community.

A special ‘Bat Assembly’ was organised to showcase the children’s work. They shared informative posters with the scientific knowledge they had gained through the project. They also created digital displays and songs to share what they had learned. 

The project will continue in the form of maintenance and monitoring. Maintenance will be conducted once a month as part of the MONA Bond Place project. Monitoring will be conducted in collaboration with Dr Lisa Cawthen.


“They’re the only flying mammal and they can be our backyard buddies” – Livia (Grade 3)