Frequently Asked Questions

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We receive a large number of enquiries every day, so we have compiled a list of responses to our most frequently asked questions. If the information you are looking for isn’t included here, please contact us.

How do I start a Junior Landcare group?

It is easy to start a Junior Landcare group and get involved in our program. Please register your group here on the National Landcare Directory, we will provide you with a Junior Landcare logo to use with your school/group name. We encourage to you to keep informed about Junior Landcare news, grants and campaigns by subscribing to our newsletter here.

How can I connect with Junior Landcare, Landcare and Coastcare groups in my area?

You can search for Landcare groups in your local area using the National Landcare Directory.
Please note that not all groups choose to make their contact details publicly available.

Does Junior Landcare publish free educational resources?

Yes, we have a variety of educational resources that you can use at school, at home, in a Landcare group and any other community group like Scouts and Girl Guides. Visit our Learning Centre for more information Junior Landcare Learning Centre.

How many Junior Landcare groups are there?

We have thousands of schools involved in the Junior Landcare program across Australia. From primary and high schools, to early learning childhood centres and out of school centres, to youth groups like Scouts and Girl Guides. Visit our National Landcare Directory to see if there are any groups in your area that you can connect with for project activities, please note that not all groups choose to make their contact details publicly available.

What is Junior Landcare?

Junior Landcare is about encouraging young people to play an active role in ensuring the safe future of their environment.

Launched in May 1998, Junior Landcare recognises that the contribution of young people is vital if the land they are to inherit is to be in the best possible condition. Junior Landcare also encourages young people to develop a sense of responsibility to the land and other natural resources.

Junior Landcare enables children of all ages to become involved with their local Landcare group and work on a range of environmental projects. It also provides a great framework for learning in outdoor ‘living classrooms’, and can be successfully integrated into a range of topics within the school curriculum.

What is Landcare?

Landcare is a grassroots movement of individuals and groups across Australia with a shared vision to restore and protect the environment in their local community through sustainable land management and conservation activities.

Who is Landcare Australia?

Landcare Australia is the national not-for profit that works in partnership with multiple stakeholders to support the landcare community with funding and capacity building opportunities for on-ground projects. Landcare Australia develops campaigns to raise awareness of landcare to increase participation and to attract corporate and philanthropic support. Visit the Landcare Australia website.