Sow a seed, grow a feed

Time Allocation: 30 minutes*

Activity Level: Easy


Spring is here; the sun is out and shining so it’s time to get sowing! Plant a seed and watch your little gem grow into a seedling and then into a tasty treat ready for harvesting.

*Time allocation will be dependent on site selection and travel time.


  • Seeds for growing food, e.g. cherry tomato, peas, baby carrots, corn, cucumbers
  • Newspaper (at least one sheet per person)
  • Gardening gloves
  • Empty food cans 400g size
  • Water spray bottle with mist setting
  • Seed raising mix or potting mix
  • Instructions

    STEP 1

    Choose a seed to sow that is suited to your climatic zone and one that will produce fruit, vegetables or herbs for you to eat. Your seed packet will explain the best time to sow seeds.

    STEP 2

    Make a newspaper seed starter pot for your seedling. Tear a single sheet of newspaper in half and fold into thirds. Wrap the paper around an empty can but not too tight. Secure with tape on the side of the cylinder. Fold the paper down onto the base of the can, secure the flaps with tape. Slip your newspaper pot gently off the can. Make sure to use biodegradable or paper-based tape (e.g. masking tape).

    STEP 3

    Fill the seed starter pot two-thirds full with seed raising or potting mix. Carefully place your seed into the centre of the pot to a depth suitable for the specific seed and then cover with a thin layer of potting mix.

    STEP 4

    Your seed will need the right amount of water to germinate. Keep the soil in your seed planter pot soil moist by misting with a spray bottle every morning until it is time to plant in the ground or into a larger pot.

    Extension Activity

    Write or draw a checklist with the children to use to make sure they care for their seedling.

    The seedling activity provides an opportunity to chat with the children about concepts such as recycling, healthy soils, pesticides and water conservation.