Find your local Junior Landcare group or start your own group

Find a Junior Landcare Group

There are more than 12,000 Junior Landcare groups and schools already registered on the National Landcare Directory or the Woolworths Junior Landcare Map. Be sure to check what groups already exist in your region. Contact your local council, or you can search for a group.

You may discover that a Junior Landcare group or school or other environmental community group already operates in your area. It is incredibly valuable to find out who else is active in your area and reach out to ensure you are linking in with existing groups and contributing to coordinated local efforts. They can assist with useful information about local operations, environmental issues and become a precious partner.

Start a Junior Landcare Group

It is easy to start a Junior Landcare group!

Firstly, register your school or youth group on our National Landcare Directory. We will email you a Junior Landcare logo with your school or group name. The National Landcare Directory (NLD) is a directory of community environmental ‘care’ groups across Australia. Groups registered include Landcare networks and groups, farmers, landholders, Traditional land managers, Bushcare, ‘Friends of; Coastcare, Dunecare, Rivercare and Junior Landcare. Also registered are environmental community groups who may not have Landcare in their group name, yet they are caring for their local environment with conservation and sustainable land management activities.

Next, your group will need a co-ordinator to direct the activities of the group. This person may be a teacher, community member, parent or senior student.

If you are the co-ordinator, we recommend that you research the environmental issues in your local area.

Speak to the local council, Landcare group or other local environmental community group about how you can get involved in their projects.

If your group is a school group, you may find it useful to undertake a School Environmental Management Plan (SEMP).

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