Take action in your local community with Landcare

March 23 2020
Parliament House, Canberra

TICK TOCK! The countdown is on…

The Australian landscape is facing an uncertain future. The effects of climate change are impacting the natural environment. But what can young people do to make a difference?

Restoring the landscape for over 30 years, Landcare has remained one of the largest grassroots community movements where Australians have the chance to get their hands dirty and protect their local environment.

And with the Landcare Youth Summit, we want to arm the next generation with the knowledge, tools and ideas to preserve this unique landscape.

What is the Landcare Youth Summit?

Facilitated by the amazing Sophie Taylor-Price – climate change and sustainability consultant and granddaughter of Landcare champion Bob Hawke, this pilot launch event will serve as a platform for young people looking to take action by getting involved in activities that will protect their local environment.

Young people will learn inspiring project ideas, career pathways and the know-how to join existing Landcare groups and/or create their own Landcare groups through a series of presentations, panel discussions and workshops with experts (TBC) in:

*climate change
*sustainable agriculture
*Indigenous perspectives
*community well-being

We’re sorry but as the Landcare Youth Summit is taking place at Parliament House, space is extremely limited and attendance is by invitation only. But please register below for exclusive footage and materials from the Youth Summit and stay updated as the event develops.